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Farmyard Frozen Reviews

We love it when you share the love for Farmyard Frozen, drop us an email at with subject: Review to let us know what you think - we're a baby company so appreciate all feedback because just like our restaurants, we want to provide fantastic food AND amazing service.

Nov 2021 - Miss Hughes


🤩 ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS - I’m never cooking again! 🤩 Can’t cook, won’t cook ain’t got nothing on me … I don’t enjoy cooking and wouldn’t like to subject any of my friends to my attempts at anything more than cheese on toast … then along came Farmyard Frozen! The items delivered well packaged with simple cooking instructions! We had beef wellington, garden greens, mashed potato and white chocolate cheesecake. My friends and I enjoyed a stress free and absolutely delicious Sunday lunch! Thank you so much Farmyard Frozen for a yummy and great value for money alternative for those of us who hate cooking but would like to entertain at home occasionally!

Five stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ from me!

Nov 2021 - Michele

"Easy to prepare and delicious"

I tried farmyard frozen for the first time, as an evening off from cooking! It didn't disappoint. The food was easy to prepare and delicious. I've ordered a full meal for my Christmas Eve guests. I can look forward to an evening of fuss-free delish food, that will enable me to enjoy the evening without rushing around. It’s very good, and wonderfully convenient. Thank you FF : )

Oct 2021 - Jenny

"Very impressed"

I was fortunate to be treated to a Farmyard Fresh Frozen meal on a weekend away with some 'old' schoolfriends. The food was of the highest 'gastro' quality but meant we just has to follow clear cooking instructions instead of cooking from scratch or booking a local restaurant, which can prove challenging these days! Very impressed & I will be stocking up my own freezer plus considering gift vouchers for friends & family. Thank you Farmyard Frozen Team!

Oct 2021 - Lindsey

"We could not have had a better meal in a Michelin starred restaurant"

We had a splendid meal of boeuf on croute supplied by farmyard frozen. Expertly packed and delivered to our holiday destination, after thawing and cooking the beef was succulent, the pastry crisp and we could not have had a better meal in a Michelin starred restaurant. I highly recommend you give Farmyard Frozen a try for your next dinner party. I would thoroughly recommend the white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake we had to follow as well. Yum!

Oct 2021 - Marian

"Can't recommend it highly enough."

All the goods arrived on time and securely packed, the proof was in the eating. Absolutely fabulous. We enjoyed a delightful gourmet dinner with a succulent and juicy beef Wellington followed by a light white chocolate cheesecake. Can't recommend it highly enough.

Oct 2021 - Sarah

"Blown away with how delicious your meals are"

We buy a Farmyard Frozen every week from Algy's Farm Shop when we deliver pies, to have as a Saturday evening treat. Been doing it for many months now an we love them. We always cook from scratch but were so blown away with how delicious your meals are, that you have become the exception.

July 2021

"Restaurant quality meals without the need for a babysitter!"

Elevate your at home date... Loving the farmyard frozen range! Restaurant quality meals without the need for a babysitter! The beef Wellington and beef stroganoff are delicious, can't wait to try the rest of the range.